Our new Pandemic Covid-19 Poster Series for Schools & Institutions

Posted by Imagine This Enterprises Blog Team on Jun 8th 2020

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 -Kofi Annan!

We are alway working on new products. We listen to our teachers that write and call us asking for specific products. We currently completed a new series that was released in March and is already being ordered in large quantities by schools, most likely in preparation for the school year this fall.  We hope you like them. A lot of thought and research was put into this series so they can be used across all age brackets. 

While we were shut down we rolled out a new series on called Covid-19 Coronavirus - Understanding & Prevention Series of 6 Poster/Banners.  This series is becoming very popular and we have had many larger orders for schools getting ready to open up in the fall.  We are following closely for any updates on the virus and if we find any changes you can be sure we will update our products as we feel necessary.  All references are based on the WHO and the CDC.