Movie/TV Props

We are often contacted in regard to using our products in movie and television productions.

You can see a sample of some of the productions our products have been used  in below.

If you are interested in using any of items for props in productions please contact us. 

The products used in production are

  •  Special no glare matte paper
  •  The price includes the releases and use
  •  To request release of products for productions call Toll Free (877)524-8200
  •  Please put MOVIE RELEASE REQUEST in subject header


MOVIES & PROGRAMS that have used our products:

Swamp Thing - Season 1                                     Joe Bell -Movie     

2-swampthingseriestv.jpg                  2-joebell2020.jpg                       


        The Violent Heart                                          Da 5 Bloods 

the-violent-heart-movie.jpg                 5bloodimage.jpg      


  tinyprettythings-movie.jpg                 tomorrow-war.jpg



              Work It                                                         Beats                                                               

workitproductions.jpg                         beats-movie.jpg                              


        Booksmart                                                     Goosebumps 2

 booksmartmovie.jpg                         goosebumps2.jpg                       


      The Dead Don't Die