The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels Vol. 3: The Creepy Campers

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Michael, his best friend Kenny and the always-annoying Harriett are at a New Mexico summer camp. They are stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by spooky woods and visited by strange flying saucers… and that’s the least of their worries! Some of their fellow campers are doing all they can to win camp competitions and all the glory, fame and prizes that come along with it. They cheat, lie, bully and intimidate. If Michael wants to win, can he bring himself to use those same underhanded tactics? Of course! The taste of victory becomes so sweet for Michael, he can’t stop bending the rules… even as his guilty conscience grows heavy. Written for children in grades 1-5, The Creepy Campers forces readers to think about their own ethical choices. Is winning at any cost worth it? Tony Penn’s expertly-crafted plot twists and sharp dialogue help children clearly see the many real consequences of cheating and deception. 83 pgs. 83 pgs. 5.5x8.5 Trade Paper


by Tony Penn 

illustrated by Brian Martin

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